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EuroIbiza 2013 Info Guide


EuroIbiza 2013

During 5 editions, EuroIbiza has always been the best way to start the summer for all our participants. Taking place on the last weekend of April it has the ideal climate to enjoy the first bath in the lovely beaches of the island. Besides enjoying the charms of Ibiza, the island's prime location allows access to one of the paradises of the Mediterranean just a few miles away from the coast: Formentera.

EuroIbiza’s participants not only enjoy the excellent atmosphere of the island, but also the tranquility and peace the island spreads through an outstanding natural environment.

In this current year, EuroIbiza has been integrated into Panathlon International, which is officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee amongst others. EuroIbiza 2013 Panathlon Student Tournament has started its contribution to the achievement of Panathlon International goals on the field by focusing on fair play and sports in youth. It is also part of the Panathlon Student Tournament Tour, sharing place with the following official Panathlon Student Tournaments: EuroESADE Barcelona, EuroValencia, Beirut Unisports Festival, MUST Milano, BIG Belgrade and BEST Belgrade. All Panathlon Student Tournaments are governed within Panathlon International by the Panathlon Club of University (PCU) Committee, ensuring the best organizational standards and the accomplishment of Panathlon objectives on the recreational field by

  • Promoting student travels from all over Europe and other countries to a central meeting point where students can experience different cultures and meet people.
  • Strengthening the union between students from different universities within Europe and other countries. Establishing an annual forum for the youth on Ibiza based on respect and tolerance.
  • Stimulating the fair play and practice of competitive sports among youths.
  • Organizing fun and recreational activities in Ibiza during the weekend.
  • But most important is that each team takes away a memorable experience.

In 2012, EuroIbiza accredited 81 participating teams coming from 27 universities from 15 different countries: Lebanon, Spain, Serbia, Croatia, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Russia, the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Algeria. In 2013, we expect 1.000 participants from universities, based mainly in Europe, however participants from other parts of the world are also welcome to join us.

The Staff of this event is responsible of the accommodation of the participants and to this end different hotels in Ibiza have been arranged for the tournament’s week. They are all located in the centre of the island and are within walking distance of the pavilions. On the other hand, the official parties of the tournament will take place in the famous clubs of the island. As you all know, Ibiza is one of the most attractive destinations in the world because of its nightlife.

The island of Ibiza has everything you could dream to enjoy an unforgettable competition weekend.

The event will take place from the 25 to 28 of April 2013 in Ibiza

Everything is prepared to go one more step. Are you ready?

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Travel to EuroIbiza Here you can find some flight options wich connect Ibiza with different points of Europe

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EuroIbiza 2013 Program

EuroIbiza 2013 ProgramEuroIbiza 2013 Program