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EuroIbiza 2013 Info Guide


Accommodation & Fees

In order to satisfy all our participants our team has prepared different packs.

  • Pack 1: 99€. Hotel Florencio or San Francisco Apartments with no meals included.
  • Pack 2: 155€. Hotel Florencio or San Francisco Apartments with breakfast, luch and dinner included.
  • Pack 3: 190 €. Hotel BlauPark with breakfast, luch and dinner included.
  • Pack 4: 85€. Only registration.

Hotel BlauPark. 4**** Hotel Resort with own swimming pool and situated in Sant Antoni’s Beach. Rooms of 3 and 4 people.

Hotel Florencio. 2** Hotel with own swimming pool located 100 meters away from both hotel BlauPark and Gran Sol. Rooms of 2, 3, 4 and 5 people.

San Francisco Apartments. High quality Apartments situated in front of Sports Hotel Florencio. Apartments of 4, 5 and 6 people.

Every pack includes:

  • Registration to the tournament.
  • Hosting 3 nights with breakfast, lunch and dinner (Except Pack 1 and Pack 4).
  • Transports Airport/port - Accommodation – Airport/port of the teams. (Except Pack 4 and Pack 1). In case teams arrive separately, EuroIbiza staff will pick up the largest group of the team. No individual transports included.
  • Transports: Accommodation - Sport facilities - Accommodation (Except Pack 4).
  • Free drinks in the sport facilities.
  • Free entry to the parties of Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
  • Free entrance in the sport facilities.
  • Participant pack (maps, guides and more surprises).

Packs don’t include:

  • Transportation to the island.
  • Neither individual transport airport/port-hotel- airport/port nor tournament transportation out of the tournament dates. Extra price of 10 € per person.

* Price of extra nights:

  • Hotel Blau Park: 45 €
  • Hotel Florencio: 38 €
  • Apartments San Francisco: 38 €

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EuroIbiza 2013 Program

EuroIbiza 2013 ProgramEuroIbiza 2013 Program