Thursday Sep 21


Flight options for EuroIbiza 2013

Dear friends,

In order to help all different delegations which have already registered and those which are planning to do so, we would like to inform of some flight options which connect Ibiza with differents points of Europe:


Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Malaga, London, Milan, Rome, Paris, Marseille, Eindhoven, Brussels (Charleroi)...


Amsterdam, Malta, Bucharest, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Brussels, Milan, Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid...


Geneva, Basel, London, Paris, Milan, Glasgow, Rome, Naples...

In case these flight options are not suitable for your delegation, you can also check flights to Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia. We will then provide you with the cheapest possible Flight and Ferry options to travel from Madrid/Barcelona/Valencia to Ibiza..


Travel to EuroIbiza

Travel to EuroIbiza Here you can find some flight options wich connect Ibiza with different points of Europe

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EuroIbiza 2013 Program

EuroIbiza 2013 ProgramEuroIbiza 2013 Program